samedi 23 novembre 2013


Petit message sympa reçu des USA !!! Les 24H de Saint JO sont plébiscités même aux states ! une reconaissance mondiale du concept ... Chers élèves, chers anciens élèves, chers collègues ... on mesure seulement aujourd'hui le résultat de 10 ans de travail que je veux dédicacer à tous ceux qui ont travaillé avec nous sur ce projet, on a construit un truc ENORME ... L'aventure ne fait que commencer vers l'internationnal ! ces messages sont en Anglais, je suis sur que vous  les comprendrez ... un bel exercice de traduction ! Un grand  merci à tous & à toutes !

Dear Thierry,
I am a collegue of Francois-Xavier Adamczyk at Horizon.
One of my responsibilities is to develop the Horizon educational business in USA and I have an oppotunity for you to follow up on for the 24hrs St-JO race.
Steve Marks is a friend of mine who is very involved with various major Hydrogen projects in USA and specifically through the Hydrogen Universe project.
Steve has a french-speaking buiness partner: Dario Echeverry echeverry who is also running two French Schools in Florida.
Dario is both a prominent business man in renewable energy and also a major fan of racing. Steve and Dario have an interest to know more about the 24hrs St-JO project that you are running.
Could you get back to Dario (copied here) with some further information about St-JO, maybe there are possibilities of expanding St-JO into USA.
Looking forward to hearing some good news from your conversations.
Kind regards,

Timo Lukkarinen
Director of Business Development

Dear Timo,
Thank  for the introduction. 
I am founder and chairman of the two only French schools in BROWARD/ south central area. 
With Steve we have huge synergic opportunities for Horizon here in the USA. 
Our students have been following your 24 hour race project. This is great!!
Feel free to contact me anytime. 

President, Net Zero Materials. 
Chairman, Lycée Franco Américain.